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Rekindled Heartache Episodes 2 & 3
Out Now!!

February 24, 2024

Zoey finds herself caught in a whirlwind of emotions as she works with Blaine and his new girlfriend, Sophia. With Max's health deteriorating and Blaine seemingly not over her, she is left to confront her traumatic past. What will she do and how will she navigate all the challenges? Find out this and more in the episode.

Emily Ellsworth as Linda

Check out Rekindled Heartache,
available on PocketFM. 

February 22, 2024

After getting separated four years ago and moving on with their lives, Zoey Fuller and Blaine Dexter meet again. Despite their best efforts to ignore one another, fate repeatedly keeps bringing them together. Is there a divine connection between them that could never be savored even after the breakup? Will Zoey and Blain continue living their lives separately or does fate have a different plan for them?

Emily Ellsworth as Linda


Tales of Tesla "Snail Rider" Out Now!!

August 26, 2023

Introducing... "Snail Rider"! 🌟 Get ready to join Spring, the adventurous host of the show, on an exciting journey that will spark your imagination and curiosity. Riding on the back of her trusty snail companion, Spring whisks us away to meet the most amazing creatures you can imagine. 


Emily Ellsworth as Spring

"Yesterday," By Morgan A. James available now

August 22, 2023

Quinn (they/them) spends their nights living in the past, reliving their younger years through dreams. As they reopen old wounds, they find the only way to heal is to come face to face with their younger self.

Yesterday written by Morgan James, directed by Kim Hlavac starring Leah Jarvik as Younger Quinn and Emily Ellsworth as Older Quinn

"Who Killed Alaska?" available now!

June 24, 2023

"Who Killed Alaska"  is a fictionalized "true" crime podcast about an unsolved death and a series of strange supernatural occurrences.

Episode 15.5: Emily Ellsworth as Rachel and Additional voices

Episode 17: Emily Ellsworth as Security Guard


Coming Soon:"Haibu's Adventure's, Haibu's Academy, Haibu and the Animal Protectors"

March 3, 2023

"The Battle for Justina Pelletier"
available now on Peacock

December 13, 2022

Exploring the story of Justina Pelletier, a 14-year-old girl who entered a Boston hospital with a mysterious set of symptoms and quickly became a ward of the state, leaving her family in disbelief. The events that followed inspired an anonymous computer hacker to take matters into his own hands and sparked a debate about parental rights, medical child abuse and the gray areas in between.

Emily Ellsworth as Jessica Pelletier


"Murdered by Morning"
Season 2 out now! 

June 18, 2022


Episode 7: A night of soccer and celebration turns tragic when one young Orlando City soccer fan is found dead at home the next day; police are left with a field of suspects and very few answers.

Emily Ellsworth as Haley

Check out the short film: "Forgiveness"

May 21, 2022

Starring Emily Ellsworth as Lori and Chad Bushman as Winston

"Winston loved his daughter so much. Every day, he takes her to school and prepares food for her. One day he abandoned her and his wife and took away everything and lost connection with his daughter for many years. He was diagnosed with cancer and he wants forgiveness from his daughter. At the very end of his life he decides to see his daughter. "


Coming Soon: Tesla Comics newest Teslamation

April 14, 2022

"We are excited to announce that Emily Ellsworth will be portraying Spring and Velvet in up and coming Teslamations! Check our website and social media for updates."

A.I. Deep State EP Out Now!!

March 18, 2022

So So 4 Daz new EP soundtrack featuring Emily Ellsworth on the song "Step to the Side" is out now on Spotify. Check it out below! 

Watch "15 Teeth Struggles"
by Smile Squad Comedy

January 6, 2021


"You never show your teeth in pictures 😐😂"

"My Gold" out now on all streaming platforms!

October 25, 2021


"This song is all about stumbling around through life for a long time and then finally realizing what I really love to do and what I'm doing here."

**Check out my rifle spinning here!


Listen to "The Wonder" by Maggie Lou Rader, Parts 1&2

October 25, 2021

Cast: Emily Ellsworth as MaryArlette Del Toro as Ann, Keegan Robert Doyle as Asa, Madeline Logan as Laurancy, and Angela Alexander Nalley and Lurinda

Support this podcast:

*CW: suicide, self-harm*

Holly Bolly Connection

Holly Bolly Connection

Watch Now

Check out Holly Bolly Connection Celebrity News

October 21, 2021

"Your only place to get the best celebrity news. Sabse pehle appke paas lekar aayenge aapke favorite hollywood aur Bollywood stars ki news, interviews, red carpet and much much more."

Watch short film,"Finding Sergio" 

May 5, 2021


Written and directed by Jared Treece

Starring Jake Ellsworth, Thomas Bickel, and Emily Ellsworth

 "Two private Investigators must take on a case of finding a missing man to avoid getting evicted. "


Summer/Fall 2020: Story Land Brand Ambassadors

March 26, 2020


"These individuals have brought their new roles to life. Our ride operators have made up songs to sing, our COVID sanitizing crew sings and dances for audiences throughout the park, and RWS is committed to continuing to “Raise the Experience” at Story Land each day by providing entertainment and a smile, where it is least suspected."

Watch short film,"Swipe" 

November 20, 2019


Written and directed by Trevor Leavelle

Starring Elliot Griffin, Poppi Mezo, and Emily Ellsworth

 "Max finally has a date, but the night he expects isn't going to happen at all. In fact, his date Thelma has other plans. "

Twisted Logo.jpg

Casting announced for FIERCE: Musical Theatre's production of "Twisted!"

August 31, 2019

Casting has been announced for Twisted. The cast includes Joshua Miller as Jafar, Nini Xiong as Princess, Sumair Ahluwalia as Aladdin, Alexis Turner as Sherrazade, and Michael Radford as Prince Achmed.

Directed by Jake Ellsworth and Choreographed by Emily Ellsworth


Casting announced for SIU Carbondale's production of "Evil Dead The Musical!"

August 26, 2019

Casting has been announced for Evil Dead The Musical. The cast includes Jake Ellsworth as Ash, Emily Ellsworth as Linda, Nini Xiong as Cheryl, JT Atwood as Scott, and Grace Nowak as Shelly

Directed by J Thomas Kidd

Co-Choreographed by Emily Ellsworth and J Thomas Kidd

Emily Ellsworth sings "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" at Tuscora park

August 4, 2019


Casting Announced for "The Wizard of" Oz at the Ohio Outdoor Historical Drama Association

June 8, 2019

Casting has been announced for The Wizard of Oz. The cast includes Emily Ellsworth as Dorothy Gale, Jack Lewis as Scarecrow/Hunk, Josh Miller as Tinman/Hickory, and Bart Hermann as Lion/Zeke. 

Directed by Joe Bonamico, Choreographed by Bart Herman

Ohio Outdoor Historical Drama Association

Watch short film,"Off The Land" 

April 19, 2019

Written and directed by Giovanni Galindo

Starring Jake and Emily Ellsworth

 "Heartwarming and unique, Off the Land soars high with exceptional performances from the two main leads and an emotionally driven story that packs a punch "

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